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Cleaning white vinyl

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  • Cleaning white vinyl

    The top of my white door trims are a touch yellow from either the sun or an arm resting on it. Has anyone had much luck getting them back to white? The rest of the trim is great and cleaned up well with simple green and a nylon brush. Be nice to get some of the yellow off, going to try a product today called "starbrite mildew and stain remover" seems to work well on white boat vinyl according to YouTube.


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    If you can't get the yellow out by cleaning, you might try using a white vinyl paint. The vinyl paints are very durable and easy to use. Just a thought.


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      Thanks for the idea, was trying to avoid painting, but might end up happening unless someone can give me a better cleaning idea?


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        Suprisingly, the best cleaning I've gotten is from the premoistened Armorall wipes that come in the plastic can. Better than even the expensive spray cleaners.

        My bet is the UV has damaged the paint and it won't come off however. The good news is that the SEM vinyl paint is available. I painted my whole interior and it is holding up great. Just remember, clean, clean, clean. Prep,prep,prep. Most places have the pre-paint cleaner and prep kits.


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          I'm with Matthew, vinyl is so porous that some things will never come out.
          Mom was doing a crossword in the back seat on a long trip. Wouldn't you know, she accidently wrote on the back of the driver's white vinyl seat with her ball-point pen (I think it was a Bic) while getting out of the car. Despite all cleaning methods short of damaging the vinyl, that mark was there to the day the car went to its grave.

          Sometimes vinyl paint/stain is the only solution. - Dave
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            Mike you might try Mr. Clean soap pads. I have used them over the years on various cleaning procedures and depending on the severity of your stain might work out

            Also Mr. Google ( when I typed in how to clean white vinyl in classics?) suggest using Meguiers vinyl PREP and NOT cleaner which is used to prep vinyl for changing the interior colour??
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              I had great results from using GOOF OFF. I used it to clean my vinyl and roof fabric. One thing though, don't let it sit on the material too long. Wipe/spray, let it sit a second or two and wipe away