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Water control valve location help please

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  • Water control valve location help please

    1959 convertible

    My car was originally an A/C car but is no longer. I have converted the fan box to non A/C. The question is where does the Bowden cable for the water control valve penetrate the firewall? I assume it would have to be on top of the heater core nipples.
    Per the attached photo can someone measure and you tell me how high up I need to drill. Thanks, Chris.
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    Are you putting an external valve in the engine compartment? The original valve is on the heater core. Here's where I drilled mine so it would reach.

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    John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

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      Funny - I went the opposite way and added A/C.

      This is a pic of the firewall before I cut out for the evaporator box (the arrows were just pointing out mounting holes). No cable coming out - the vacuum operated water control valve is under the passenger side dash.

      Mac's OEM style

      Mac's replacement type which does use a cable - not sure if you mount it under the dash or in the engine compartment.


      edit.....I see John is a bit quicker on the draw than I am - heh.


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        Thank you John and Eric - yes I am using an external valve.