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Heater control repair question

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  • Heater control repair question

    1959 convertible

    In the photos below the marked tab is bent upward and the control when complete had an awkward catchy movement. Is this tab supposed to level with the main housing? Thanks....
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    Not sure this pic of a heater control out of a '58 will help but here goes.

    Of course in the pic the control is upside down compared to how it is actually installed in the car as the switch should be at the bottom but was trying to orient it the same as in your pic? Anyway - when looking at it from the back with the switch up - the right side is slightly higher than the left. The movement on this one is smooth - it occasionally catches when trying to move it from the far ends but I think that is just because this one has never been cleaned or lubed. (and you can surely tell that because the switch looks like it's growing a beard - )

    Let me know if you need a better pic at a different angle etc.

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      That does help - thank you..