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thunderbird on Mark 8 chassis

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  • thunderbird on Mark 8 chassis

    can anyone supply a link to the car that was modified onto a Mark 8 Lincoln chassis

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    Hi John, I did a quick google of this and came up with this. There may be something here.. Merry Christmas!

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      May I just say I ordered a loaded 1992 Thunderbird Sport in Cayman Green Metallic. Felt great to get it serviced at the Lincoln dealership-to a point. It was a nice car devoid of any personality which is completely the opposite a Squarebird. It also had quality issues up the kazoo as the A/C, blend door, power brake booster, and speedometer all failed. It was the only car I owned where the interior mirror fell off, the automatic seat belts worked erratically, and the sunroof would dump a quart of water in your lap occasionally.

      After I sold it 6 years later, the transmission failed and the rockers rusted out.