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Driver window and up and down on seat not working.

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    Originally posted by jopizz View Post
    Rob,Originally Posted by Djweaz View Post
    I hate asking questions it makes me sound needy in my opinion. I really do appreciate the help I get from this forum. All the help that is given out to people that I have read threads on people donít say thanks. I just like to let people know how appreciated I am for the help

    The main purpose of this site is to help each other fix their cars. As great as the shop manual is it doesn't give answers to everything you may encounter. Remember that the manual is almost 60 years old and hasn't been updated to reflect modern technology. There are many things that have improved over the years and many shortcuts those of us who've worked on these cars have found. I hope you continue to ask questions as we all learn from each other no matter how old we are or how much we think we know.

    And I Too would like to express my gratitude to all Squares this forum is priceless, and the time, work, research that keeps it going is truly appreciated. the knowledge and experience in the square is immense. I Thank You..
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