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    I see where there is a Reprod Strg/Wheel available for 55-57 TBirds. 15" (Stk is 18") and not as deep dish.

    I actually saw one in a 61 Galaxie Convt at a show a few wks ago. Looked like it belonged there. I was hoping to catch the owner & ask him about it.
    I'm wondering if anyone has tried one of these or if it would even fit one of our tuna-boats.

    I'd appreciate any input. My least favorite thing about that car is that Peterbilt size strg wheel in my lap

    Here's the link
    John Byers
    1960 Convertible (Orig owner)

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    I just looked at my original wheel, it seems to have the splines built into the wheel. I currently have a Grant wheel in the car that fits onto an adopter and then is bolted on.

    Does the wheel you show have the splines built into it, or does it need an adopter?

    If the other wheel has the same shaft diameter and spline count than it should fit.


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      some steering wheel restoring companies also offer a resizing service for original wheels. Another concern is the resizing, welding and re-plating of the horn ring to match. Never had it done, but I would inquire about the cost before jumping in! Google should find someone offering re-sizing.


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        steering wheel fit....

        I asked the mfg about steering wheel fit (I don't like the 18" stock wheel either!). Here's my msg and their reply.

        On Wednesday, September 13, 2017 10:12 AM, "" <> wrote:

        Will your steering wheel for a 1956-57 Ford Thunderbird (RP-20005) fit a 1959 Thunderbird? If not, can it be made to fit without major modification? What modification(s) would be required for this application. Thank you. KMc


        Yes it will fit the 56 through the 60's

        Thank you and have a great day,
        Letty C.
        American-Retro, LLC
        344 Uruapan Drive
        Dinuba, CA 93618
        Ph: 559.595.0100
        Fax: 559.591.8146