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  • exhaust wrap

    I would like to wrap the exhaust components as there is alot of radiant heat rising through the console. A/C has a tough time cooling cabin after driving for any significant period during summer temps. There are numerous choices and Amazon seems to have the best prices compared to the parts stores but there is probably a big difference in quality as well. Any suggestions on a brand name for 2" wrap and what to use on the manifolds. Would like to lower engine bay temp as well.Engine temp rises at a long stop light. Thanks.

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    I haven't had a problem with off-brand auto part items from Amazon vs. the high priced stuff at auto parts stores. For example I get TechFlex split sleeving and it's the same stuff that I've bought from Summit Racing or Jegs.

    I have not used exhaust wrap- I think the stuff is ugly. But I insulated under my console with dynamat under hardware store self-stick duct wrap and it made a huge difference with respect to heat and sound.


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      if that stuff gets wet it holds the moisture and will rust the cr@p out of your exhaust.

      And as mentioned: Its as ugly as Jabba the Huts sister.
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        exhaust heat

        'Squze my buttin' in. But yeah, that tunnel gets hot! I about toasted the console driving our Bird across the desert from CA to IN. You couldnt even touch the chrome strip. Once home, it still felt hot in Indiana summers. I used Dynamat inside when I put in AC, but what really helped the most was metal heat reflectors mounted on the pipes. I cut them from aluminum, bending them into a half-circle along the pipe. The ends are cut into three tabs, which are bent into standoff legs. Hose clamps hold them onto the pipes. This reduced the heat more than anything.