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Where are instructions - how to load photos here?

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  • Where are instructions - how to load photos here?

    I would like to up load photos in response to a question asked. How do I do that?

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    Where are instructions-how to load photos here?

    Chris, pictures must be kept to no bigger than 800x600pixels on this website, as explained to each new user in the Welcome posted to them in the New Members Welcoming Forum when you join. As a Paid member right below this box I am typing in, if you scroll down you will find right below the Submit Reply and Preview Post buttons, the Additional Options section that you should see as a Paid Member. Go to Attach Files and click on Manage Attachments. Doing that will bring up the utility that allows you to upload files to our server. It gives you file size information for the various attachment types. It will tell you if you picture file size is to large for the Forum. When you have all your pix picked, you will upload them and then you can review them by clicking on Preview Post before you submit them. If you are happy with what you have, just click on Submit Reply and they will be posted for you. If you have any questions, give me a call at the number in my signature element and I can walk you through it.

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