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58 tbird rear suspension

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  • 58 tbird rear suspension

    Hi all, I'm having some real issues re-assembling my rear suspension and it's starting to drive me crazy.
    New bushes etc, got springs located correctly, all bolts are loosely installed but there's no hope of getting the rear vertical bolt with the 2 large rubbers done all the way up.
    I'm desperate for some help here as I'm about ready to loose my ****.
    I've followed the manual exactly to no avail.
    Should these bolts be done first maybe.
    Something just doesn't seem right.
    Thanks Chris.

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    58 tbird rear suspension

    Chris, the one person who probably knows this problem really well is Anders, with his '58. I will email him and ask him to take a look at your post and see what he can tell you what needs to be done to get that squared away.

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      I have for a long time been suspicious that the whole geometry is working against it self. Please take your time and go thru the whole tread ( 446 posts ) I did some time back, and then let us see if and where I can help you. My theory is that when they was planning the car it was ment to have air suspension, and therefor coils springs. When you go thru it all itīs no rocket science why they changed to leaf spring for ī59. But mine now works, so it is possible
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        Excellent, thanks Anders. I just had a good read, my god, no wonder I was getting frustrated.That thread has answered most questions as my concern was the hard rubbers and the amount of space and travel.
        Turns out now though that in the process of tightening up everything the control arm bush threads inside the rail have broken so now to sort that out.
        Should be fun.