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Re-Bushed My Car

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  • Re-Bushed My Car

    Yesterday I had the Bear shop in Covina replace the bushings in the front of my '59 T-Bird -- and now it finally feels streetable. I bought all the parts on Ebay ($157). I can't guarantee that the parts were all American but the shop owner said the part numbers on the boxes look like Moog numbers. Labor cost ($500 + $50 for alignment) was less than expected.
    With new KYB shocks in the front, new air shocks in the back, new Diamondback radials, and new leaf springs, the car feels very comfortable on the road .... too soft a ride, but I think that's how they were made. I'm probably done with suspension issues, although I may consider adding front and rear sway bars, if the mushy ride is too bothersome .... and if I can afford it.

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    Thanks, again!

    Thanks again, guys, for all your helpful advice! In particular, thanks to: Nyles, RustyNCa, John Pizzi, Simply Connected, and Yellow Rose. Got my column in and the suspension pretty well sorted out. The car goes down the road just great! (Now I just gotta deal with a noisy valve tap!) I appreciate all the help!


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      You're welcome. I've found that the difference between radials and belted tires is like night and day. Many people have gone to a larger sway bar in the front and say it helps a lot. The factory one is pretty inadequate.

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        Rides nice huh? Well Done. Enjoy the smooth cruisin.
        SquareBird in BirdCity