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alternator wiring problem

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  • alternator wiring problem

    I was wondering if anybody has ever had this problem before ....I just recently did a 3g alternator conversion and when I plugged in everything to test it out I noticed that the car started running really rough and misfiring more than usual...I plugged in the B+ wire from the alternator to the battery side of the starter solenoid and the "I" wire from the alternator to the "I" wire that was on the starter solenoid......
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    I'm pretty sure the "I" terminal should be wired to the generator light on the dash. Connect it to the thin Yellow/Black wire that was on the old voltage regulator harness.

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      will do, thanks...


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        Let's talk about your Starter Solenoid.
        It has two small posts, "I" for 'ignition', and "S" for 'start'.

        The 'I' wire goes to your coil (+) and nowhere else.
        The 'S' wire comes from your Neutral Switch. This wire energizes the Starter Solenoid's coil to make the Starter Motor turn.

        The 'I' wire simply bypasses the resistance from your key and it keeps +12 on your ignition coil whenever the Starter Motor is engaged. (The only reason you don't use this post is if you have an aftermarket solid state ignition system like a Pertronix, Excel, etc. Electronic systems need full 12-volts whenever the key is on.)

        The Yellow/Black wire that formerly went to your old Voltage Regulator's 'A' post, comes from your GEN light. If you have an external regulator, John is right about that wire connecting to the new regulator's "I" post (it does NOT go to the Starter Solenoid).

        I hope this helps. - Dave
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