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  • aircon

    Im trying to install factory air condition in my 1960 t-bird.
    it was taken out years ago,so I need some instructions


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    Visited DK quite a few times - wonderful country (and Ive actually been to Esbjerg)!

    There is a small section on the A/C in the shop manual. The pictures are not that great but may give you some help.

    I've been adding the factory A/C components to a car that did not originally have A/C so may be able to give you some advice. Is there a specific part you are having trouble with?
    Hose connections, cables, compressor mount?

    I should be able to get a picture or will try and answer with what I know although I do not have mine completely installed yet.



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      Hi Eric
      if you have visit Esbjerg, you must have something to do with off-shore bussines.

      My t-bird just arrived a week ago from Texas and i hope it will be on the road again in the spring.
      There is 13 boxes with mischelaneus parts, among them the a/c
      Ive had quite a few us cars ,but never one with a/c, so I`m totally lost in that departement.


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        It looks like you had some new hoses made to replace the factory originals. Any suggestions of how or where to get them made. Might save me a lot of time looking.



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          Henning, if you have not looked in the Technical Resource Library for airconditioning information and instructions you should. The AC Installation manual is there for the '58-'60 Squarebirds. Here is the link you are looking for. It might be a big help to you in the installation of that AC system. The cover says for the '58, but it also says this. Air-Conditioning Installation Instructions For 1960 Thunderbirds.

          The main link to the Technical Resource Library is always right below my signature element..

          Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
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          "It's Hip To Be Square"
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            Henning - we were in Esbjerg just as tourists. Last time we were in DK we tried to visit as may places as possible. Went to the maritime museum there as a family member was in the Coast Guard.
            We visited family (Krestensen's) in Hundstrup as well as Holsterboro, Aalborg, Aarhus, Tivoli in Copenhagen, Bilund (Lego!), Odense, Ribe and many other places. A small bed and breakfast in Silkeboro was one of my favorites but the most interesting was a family members new wind power station.

            Here are a few links to some previous posts dealing with Air Conditioning - hopefully they will help.





            Nyles - the hoses are new and from Classic Auto Air in Tampa Fl. They are expensive......

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              thank you for your help, I think i can fix it now.
              At least I`m going to try