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question about rear weather strip for a 59 bird

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  • question about rear weather strip for a 59 bird

    Hi guys

    First of all happy Xmas to all of you from Malta EU

    I think that the rear weatherstrip for the back glass was flipped when installed. because there looks like on the inside there`s a rubber lip which is of no use.

    Could it be they placed it inside out when fitted in place.

    Should the lip go under the upper back outside panel?

    Its important to me so i Can remove it and re put new weatherstrip in place if it was wrongly places...

    aah... will i need to put sealer between the weatherstrip and the glass itself?

    Regards guys


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    If you don't have a shop manual you really need to get one. It gives step by step instructions on how to install the rear glass. Here's a sectional view of the weatherstripping.

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      yeep yeep i have one and have seen this page.. i just wanted to be sure if it can be placed inside out .. because i think that`s what the previous owner did :/ ...

      Think i`ll buy me a new weather strip and have it replaced ... i will upload a photo of how it is tomorrow coz the garage is a bit far from home...

      but i think that according to that diagram it was wrongly installed...