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Fuel line options on a 1960 Thunderbird

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  • Fuel line options on a 1960 Thunderbird

    While going through and rebuilding and cleaning the fuel system of my 1960, I discovered the new tank under my car (Merry Christmas) and then the electric fuel pump that replaced the manual pump. (see post Vapor-lock ways to solve?) I discovered the original metal line now comes out about 8 inches from the tank and then the pump via rubber hose, picks up (in)and ends (out) w/rubber hose connecting to the long metal fuel line running the length of the under carraige to the engine bay. Did the original line attach directy to the tank? I think I maybe able to hook the pump (output) side directly to a new line. What may be the best configuration in the engine bay? Curious to see who has kept solid line only or solid line with short runs of hose or just a run of long hose in the bay w/a filter in the middle. Prefered fuel filters? It has a 352 w/ a Holley 4160. Manual pump still on the block. Not the sediment type. Is the Holley stock or a later add on? Car to be a driver not a racer if that makes a difference on answers. Sorrey for so many questions, but I want to learn.
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    The original metal fuel line hooked directly to the tank. There is a short rubber line that connects it to the mechanical fuel pump on the stock configuration. The Holley is not original. The original Ford carburetor had an inline filter screwed into the front of it. The fuel pump did not have a sediment bowl in 1960. There are certainly lots of options if you are going to stay with the electric pump. I haven't used one on any of my Thunderbirds so maybe someone else can help you there.

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