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  • Gas pedal removal

    I am installing new carpets and need to get the gas pedal removed. What is the best way? I have a 1960 T-Bird?

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    The rod pushes into a hole (slot) on the bottom of the pedal and then there are just a couple of screws that hold it to the floor. When you pull the rod out of the pedal it might make the edges of the hole crumble apart. mine was crumbling apart so I replaced it
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      I find it easier to remove the rod from the linkage under the hood rather than try to remove it from the pedal. Most times the rubber on the old pedal is so hard it's difficult to remove it in the car. I also find it easier to install with the rod attached to the pedal. As mentioned there are two bolts that hold it to the floor.

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        I wish I would have removed the rod from the linkage. I removed the rod from the pedal and it was extremely hard getting the rod end back into the pedal due to the hard rubber. Maybe I should have bought a new pedal. Removing the rod from the linkage sounds like a much better idea. I wish I would have read this a year ago!
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          Either way will work but rule of thumb would be to leave the linkage connected. While you are replacing the carpet it is a good time to install road " sound deadener " as you will thank yourself later
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            Thanks for your help. We did take the linkage apart from under the hood. We are installing sound deadener/heat insulator, new padding and carpet.


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              What are you guys using for a seal, where the gas pedal rod through the double layer of firewall steel??

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