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  • Help with Ebay US please

    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to find an AMT promo model that matches the colour of Molly, which is white over meadowvale green.

    I've found one which could be it, but the seller on Ebay won't ship to the UK nor am I able to ask a question as I have a UK ebay account.

    Would it be possible for one of you guys in the US to ask him a question for me, and ( I know this is a little cheeky ) have it delivered to your US address and forward it on for me.

    I will recompense you for all fees and throw in a bit for your trouble.

    The item is

    and the question is does he know if the colour is meadowvale green as the photos are quite poor. A couple of better photos would be nice.

    Thanks in advance guys

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    Dave, this is not an 'AMT' car. American Model Toy was located two miles from my house in Troy, Michigan. I grew up with their models. Many of my neighbor ladies worked there because production work was very light ('trees' of plastic injection parts) and pay was decent.

    AMT never made steel bottom cars with 'friction motors' as this car has. I don't believe this model manufacturer is sticking to original colors, either. The seller is simply reselling what you see, claiming no manufacturer (this one is probably made in the Orient). He sold one that was pink, now this one is blue-green. The rear bumper doesn't fit very well, either.

    Are you really sure you want this model? I suppose you could paint it any color you want but to keep the detail, your paint would need to be thinned a lot, with a few coats. - Dave

    EDIT: I see other cars for sale with "AMT Birmingham Michigan" stamped into the steel bottom. Birmingham and Troy are across the street from each other. They also have friction motors as well. If this is true, I never saw one while the plant was in operation (AMT sold and moved out many years ago). AMT was known for their fine detail done by meticulous engineers. Hoods would open and the engine compartment was 'true to form'. The underside was plastic and again, 'true to form'. This thing sucks, with a generic stamping that can be under any body.

    Back in the day, these models only cost a few bucks. We painted them, glued them together, played with them in the dirt and down driveways. After they were pretty beat up, we blew them up with firecrackers. For a few dollars, we got many hundreds of hours of enjoyment, then they went out with a bang. The only model cars we saw made of metal were the cheap Japanese 'toy-tabbed' things that nobody bought.
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      AMT indeed made friction promo models in the 50's and 60's. If the bottom of the model was pictured more clearly it would say AMT Corp, Birmingham Mich behind the axle. I've had many of them. Here's a link to a '61 Thunderbird.

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        That may be, John. I see they are sold on eBay as well. I learned another thing, after all these years I didn't know AMT was not American Model Toy but Aluminum Model Toys. It was definitely in Troy as I remember, not in Birmingham. In fact, I never saw an AMT building in Birmingham. It must have been an office, tucked away somewhere.

        I live in Royal Oak, which borders Troy & Birmingham. These are neighboring communities I grew up with and AMT started making model kits when I was eight yrs-old.

        AMT was HUGE. Check out the slideshow of their history:
        CLICK HERE
        They were making very detailed (high definition) kits from 1959 through 1978.
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          I sent this message to the seller on Ebay:
          Is the model made by AMT? There appears to be writing by the rear axle, but the photo is not clear enough to make it out. If not AMT, do you know who the manufacturer is?
          It states AMT Corp Birmingham Michigan
          - atwoodlirgg
          Hope this helps.


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            The item has been relisted on Ebay, and it is an AMT model. Contact me if you are still interested in getting it.


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              Nyles, on May 28, I offered to help. On May 31st this was my post:
              Originally posted by simplyconnected View Post
              It's been a few days now and I haven't heard back from Dave. In fact, he never contacted me. I wonder what happened...
              This commonly happens with newbies, so don't be alarmed. You are generous in your offer and so was I.

              Come to think of it, I should really combine his two threads since they are about the same thing. - Dave
              My latest project:
              CLICK HERE to see my custom hydraulic roller 390 FE build.

              "We've got to pause and ask ourselves: How much clean air do we need?"
              --Lee Iacocca


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                Just info....
                This was the model my Dad received from the dealer when he bought his hardtop. He always told me that the dealer said they were out of hardtops but Dad didn't mind having the convertible model in it's place (maybe he wished he had bought a convertible). I remember playing with the car as a kid (on special occasions).

                And yes - I was probably the one who broke the sun visors and fender ornaments......

                Too bad he didn't buy the convertible and received a hardtop model -

                It does have AMT stamped near the back axle.