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59 Dash Pad.

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  • 59 Dash Pad.

    I have a 1959 Tbird that needs a dash pad. I ordered one from Thunderbird Hq and followed the instructions on this site to cut it for fit. It turned out to be a disaster. The pad was defective in that there was insufficient material in the area of the pad that the brackets fit. I cut the pad using the foam as a guide, since there was 1 inch unfilled gap in that area I cut it too short and it would not fit the dash. When I returned the defective part of the dash with an explanation I was informed that I was supplied with an Item that fit without cutting. I cited the instructions here but they still denied the item needed to be cut to fit. In either case the pad was not filled with foam correctly but they do not want to replace it since I had cut it up. There are no instructions sent with the pad. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Will the ‘replacement pad’ fit without being cut to fit?



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    nope. you need to take your time with this project, and research it on this site before attempting again...

    It aint easy.... but it can be done.


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      If you have an early '59 then you need to cut the pad to make it fit the metal dash. The only other option is to find a metal dash from a late '59 or '60. Then you can fit the pad without cutting. I've never seen a replacement dash pad with too little foam. Usually it's just the opposite. When you fit and glue the dash brackets to the pad most of the foam needs to be removed so I'm not sure what you mean by too little foam.

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