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    Nice. Who made yours?


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      Here in NZ we can use the number-plates the car was issued with, we have to have one front and rear.
      We can update to another one if you lose the original one (or it's badly damaged) but the replacement won't have the same letter/numbers.

      Our plates have six digits.

      OR you can pay $$$ to get a personalised plate, the sky is the limit if it's not already taken - sadly 66 TBIRD etc were alrady taken.

      So I got personalised plates with the same letters/numbers as th eoriginal Oregon ones.

      And just left the Oregon ones on the car!

      Not EXACTLY 100% legal but not been stopped yet!!
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        It was a lucky find and I had it restored after getting our 63.


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          Originally posted by Yadkin View Post
          Guys at the shop were talking about this the other day, and I thought they were nuts. But here is the text of the NC statute:

          "Any motor vehicle of the age of 35 years or more from the date of manufacture may bear the license plates of the year of manufacture instead of the current registration plates, if the current registration plates are maintained within the vehicle and produced upon the request of any person."
          That's close Texas law down here too. We can actually register the old 1930's-1940's-1950's-1960's plates & legally run a matched set on our vehicles!!
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            Originally posted by Joe Johnston View Post
            It was a lucky find and I had it restored after getting our 63.
            Find? I thought it was a reproduction.

            Reading the NC statute, it appears that a custom plate, as I have contemplated, would be completely legal.

            And no, I don't plan on asking some state agency for their interpretation. Better to proceed with the assumption of legality...


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              Not a repo - genuine OH. I would think a repo would have the numbers aligned better as mine are a bit crooked - typical of the time and stamping equipment used. Part of the reason I got it was I had to get it restored and use it, or no deal!

              The previous owner sure drove a hard bargain!!

              Many repros are painted on flat stock and do not have raised (stamped) characters and borders, but if it is OK with your DMV that's all you need!


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                These are embossed onto flat colored aluminum, then the raised areas painted. The proof that I made doesn't show that for the custom letters, but do show that for the state name and year.