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    Whats the best kit for all new wiring on a 58?

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    Originally posted by murdoc rose View Post
    Whats the best kit for all new wiring on a 58?
    Not sure if you are looking for a drop in replacement or an aftermarket fused harness.
    I just installed a 12 Circuit EZ Wiring Harness. There are lots of them out there, with prices all over the place. Painless is also a good harness, but a little more pricey. A drop in replacement will run you around $500.00 as where a aftermarket universal will go between $125.00-$250.00. If you go with a universal harness, just make sure you get enough circuits to cover all your needs or future needs.


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      Reproduction wiring is available for your 58, new materials with original style connectors to replace your old cracked, frayed or butchered wiring. Available as: Guage feed harness, headlight harness, under dash harness and body harness. Also Power window and seat harnesses.


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        A nice thing about aftermarket harnesses is the labeling of the entire length of the wires. I have an E-Z harness and it works great for me. I don't have power windows or air or power seats etc. so I have a handful of unused circuits.
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          top quality....but.... top prices



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            Originally posted by frank58 View Post
            This is why universal harnesses look so attractive


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              Thanks guys i need to make my decisions and just order it. Id much rater pay more and have it go in easy and correct.


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                I strongly recommend RON FRANCIS wiring harness.
                Great product, very good quality, easy installation. Pricy but good quality.
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                  Back in the day we had a wonderful wire harness company in Detroit, Essex Wire. They made harnesses for all the big three. You can imagine, all the different color schemes in each wire size had on hand; millions of feet of correct wire to make specific harnesses and no substitutions are allowed. This overhead is too expensive for little companies to supply or compete.

                  I have no love for any particular harness company but I deeply respect a company who can deliver correct harnesses to the OEM diagram with correct terminals on the ends and correct SAE wire for each circuit.

                  I have made hundreds of wiring harnesses, mostly using the same color wire with number tags on the ends of each conductor. That's how machine tool wiring is done.

                  For your car, emphasis is not only on the color of the wire but the type of copper, number of strands, heat, voltage & temperature rating of the insulation and its resistance to vibration and automotive chemicals. So, to achieve a good quality harness entails much more than simply using any old stranded copper wire.

                  Equally important is proper fusing to protect the wire, or the wire becomes the fuse. - Dave
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                    I have installed EZ Wiring, Painless and Ron Francis.

                    I would definitely recommend the Ron Francis.

                    Great product, easy to install and you can call them if you're stucked !!!

                    My 2 cent
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