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Are all Body Parts Created Equal?

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  • Are all Body Parts Created Equal?

    I'm ready to buy patch panels for my '58 so I have been shopping around checking prices. I'm seeing some large differences in prices........such as:
    lower front fender patch panel.
    Pat Wilson..... $80.00
    Bird Nest........$165.00
    That's a pretty large spread. Can these all be the same? I want to buy quality parts but the general belief has been there is only 1 manufacturer supplying all the tbird part houses. can an $80 panel be the same as a $165 panel?

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    I haven't seen any patch panels that are worth what the vendors are asking regardless of price. The quarter panels are particularly poorly made especially around the wheel openings. Don't be fooled by thinking that because they are more money they are made better. The ones I've seen are all made by the same company. All the detail lines are rounded rather than sharp like the factory. The corners are folded over rather than formed. Fitting fender skirts to the repro quarters are a nightmare. $80 for the front fender patch panels is way too much when you see how they are made. That being said unless you have sheet metal skills you are at their mercy. Buyer beware.

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      Well with what John says the less you spend the better...
      Rock Auto has them for a little less plus there is 5% off code 101464485567426

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        Thanks Eric, Rock Auto has best prices for all sheet metal for sure.
        John, my sheet metal skills are at best "fair" so starting from scratch ain't happening. however I'm sure I can sharpen up the detail lines if need be. Did you have to?
        Has anyone else bought/used any of the patch panels?


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          The only place I sharpened was around the rear bumper. The factory line was real sharp. The rocker panel is not nearly as sharp as the original factory one but it's under the door and not that noticeable.

          John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

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            You Want Quality-



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              Originally posted by KULTULZ View Post
              custom panels are the only solution for many makes and models of classic cars
              nice to see places like this are around.From what I can see their work looks quite good. Guess we are lucky to have "off the shelf" patches available at all even if they need a little help.


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                In case anyone is interested, I found a dealer on ebay that has a small supply of sheet metal for our birds. Not the typical stuff. These panels were made by Schott metal products in Ohio many years ago. I bought 1 of everything and I am very pleased, heavy gauge steel and the lines are great... in addition to the patch panels everyone else sells they also had the front parts of the front fenders.
                looks like I bought the last front fender panels. but this guy has 1