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I want to Thank Everyone & Apologize

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  • I want to Thank Everyone & Apologize

    I want to thank everyone who has responded and assisted me in my repairs to this car, Thank You and Thank the TRL without this I would not have been able to get done what I have so far. Let me apologize for the stupid questions and lack of my mechanical abilities. I am not a mechanic in any sense and reading the manual (which assumes that there is some working knowledge to mechanical repairs) when it goes into hooking up tachometers and pressure gauges (I do not have any of this equipment) throws me for a lose (I hate say it but if I had a tachometer I would not know what to hook it to). I can follow directions when it comes to replacing things IE: fuel tanks, ignition switches and even the springs on the carburetor put making any adjustments to the linkages, idle screws etc... I do not know how to do that. Please donít stop responding to my questions but please keep in mind that I am blank sheet of paper and the more basic and complete instructions you can give me really helps. Thank you again, Eric
    1960 Thunderbird HT
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    No need to apologize. We've all been there at one time.

    John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

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      John is right, we all start knowing nothing. When I was a kid, I had an interest in muscle machines and was very thirsty for as much information as I could get about how an engine worked and how to make one better. Fortunately for me, a guy down the street was putting a 421 super duty in his '64 GTO. I had that guy ****ed for years and we've been friends ever since then. That friendship led to many more restorer friends.

      A good way to learn from first hand experience is to join a local club. There is always someone working on their ride, or club members who are willing to help you with yours. Even if you have dyslexia, that doesn't mean you can't become a great mechanic. It just means you probably cannot read instructions. is a very friendly site; a family of members packed full of extensive automotive experience and knowledge. We are willing to help anyone and everyone who genuinely needs or asks for help.

      We strongly encourage all Ford owners to buy the Shop Manual and use it. Ford's top engineers wrote these books and they are wonderful for reference but they can't possibly cover everything. You owe it to yourself to read yours and understand as much as you can. If you have a problem with a topic, we are here to help.

      Some forum users refuse to buy the book and try to 'save some money' by gleaning as much info from forums as possible. That isn't fair to us and we end up covering the same topics hundreds of times.

      We go by the book and support it with additional pictures our members donate. Most questions not in the book are covered within the TRL and our Search function. That is why most 'heavy duty' members don't chime in. They already have... hundreds of times. The info is there for anyone who wants it.

      When someone cites a section and page number and you refuse to read it, or ask questions about it, you don't have a Shop Manual. - Dave
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        I agree Eric.

        People helping people, that's what we are about. I don't know everything about these fine cars either. I'm always learning something new or forgetting something old... LOL!!

        -Jon in TX.
        The 1960 Ford Thunderbird. The WORLD'S most wanted car....

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          Eric, please don't apologize, as has been said, we have all been there.
          Everyone here really loves to help... no question is stupid, so ask away.