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How do you think I did this?

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  • How do you think I did this?

    Well I was parked in my spot at work with the rear facing a solid concrete wall about 6 inches away.

    I had been talking to a local mechanic about how to start the tbird when it was hot. i.e. between 5 and 60 minutes after shutting it down. (yep still got that problem)

    After 5 minutes my wife called and at the same time I watched two cars go head to head in a one way lane in front of me. If that wasn't enough to distract me I decided I better check how the engine was going to start this time.

    Unfortunately it did start and as I gave it some gas it lurched backwards right into the wall. I had left it in Reverse. Because the ignition was a little wonky, a previous owner had wired a push button to start the engine once the key was turned on. So the engine will start in any gear. I didn't really know this until now.

    The photos attached are what happened. The bumper sprung back into its original position.

    May be I need those chrome "eyebrows" after all.
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    Mick Egan Vancouver Island Canada
    60 Tbird

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    Man that sucks - at least (a) nobody was hurt and (b) you now know where body repairs were done roughly!

    BTW: My '66 had the starter inhibitor by-passed bu a previous owner when I bought it - and like you I was unaware - but found out and fixed it before doing any damage.
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      Bummer. I know your pain. My blown 540 chev started in gear in my garage and launched into the brick wall. Very embarrassing.
      Hopefully the damage is not to bad. Good luck.


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        Mick feel the pain but at least as mentioned no one was hurt. Another project for you AFTER getting the ignition situation looked after. Have you installed a " new " detent plate ( sold off our site ) for the selector shift as they wear badly over the years? I replaced the plate on both my wife's 58 and my 60 just to have confidence that it wouldn't slip out of gear In the search box on the main page enter " detent plate " and read the theads / posts on this subject.
        Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
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          Thanks Dan

          I do have a spare "gear shift steering wheel" assembly that came with the car. I thought it was just for the indicator ("blinker" for my Aussie and NZ mates) problem I have as well. It stays on after a turn. And the right blinker needs two taps to go on.

          I'll put the detent plate on my ever-growing list.
          Mick Egan Vancouver Island Canada
          60 Tbird