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  • trans leak

    it appears my auto trans is leaking around where shifting shaft goes in trans do I have to pull trans to replace seal?

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    You can do it in the car after removing the "H" pipe, the pan and the valve body. With the valve body removed you will see the end of the shift shaft and the kickdown shaft. As I remember, the shafts are retained by nuts which must be removed to remove each shaft. There are two different sized "O" rings that are then replaced. They are cheap, do them both.


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      I had that same problem. I tried to remove the big nut on the right side (i think its the trans level dip stick tube). Anyway I couldn't for the life of me remove it so I had to pay $238 to replace 2 $1 seals on the shaft side. (Tranny shop)

      Good luck with it. The manual spells it out pretty well, but as Carl explains it is simple. Remember to drain the fluid!
      Mick Egan Vancouver Island Canada
      60 Tbird