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How to installer Rear window rollers?

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  • How to installer Rear window rollers?


    I finally figured out the problems with my rear power window, now the question is how do I install the rear window rollors that are attached to the window? Do I have to take the window out to do this?? I remove one, but realized reinsert it is difficult. Can't figure how to get at it to instsall those rollers.

    Thanks- Jack

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    Get the roller assembled in the track. Set the wire retainer clip at about 2/3 engaged. Push the window mechanism pin into the roller assembly and then push the wire clip the rest of the way.

    It aint easy.

    Think of the wire clip as a "retaining ring" for the whole assembly.


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      I have found that I can put the clips in the rollers all the way, then push the control arm pins into the rollers. This works because the control arm pins are tapered at the front. Once you get them in they snap into place.