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$800 bushings?

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  • $800 bushings?

    Bird Nest selling 58 rear suspension bushing kit for almost $800 seems a little, no, alot high. Has anyone found a more resonable source or am I at the mercy of .......

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    T-Bird Sanctuary has them for OVER $800. Ouch. Must be gold plated or something. I didn't see them listed with most of the other vendors. Must be a new part and they're trying to get the production costs out of the way in a hurry. I've seen some people make their own but can't remember exactly where. Maybe do a search.
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      It's going to be hard to give up the dough but I really don't like the thought of the rear end tearing out.


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        I remember seeing those prices when I was looking to restore my 58. Seems like allot of dough for some rubber bits. Makes me a little happier now that I have a 60 with the leaf spring setup.
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          If you have some time to spend, you can go through this :

          1 year after, having driving approx 1000 miles with it; My new rear suspension works very, very good. No bends / snaps / noice / brake in the upper control arm / sub frame anymore either.
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            Try contacting the Steele Rubber Products Company. 800-544-8665
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              Thanks for the advice guys! I'll get on it and let you know how I do.


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                The set of 17 bushings for the 58 is made by a company called rare parts. They build suspension parts for old cars and fabricated the set for the 58 with some help. As my memory serves me they are in Calif.

                Pricey yes but remember they put a lot of time into getting them correct so the intall goes well.

                I agree that for 17 pieces of rubber it's high but one could go thru the same procees and I would bet you have more than 800 in the fabrication if you include some of the labor.

                Good Luck
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                    Looking at there web it sure looks as they know what they are doing. But whats baffled me is that I canīt seek for a specific product in order to see how it looks.
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                      Well, I hope as I write the check it won't get too soggy from the tears.


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                        $800 bushings?

                        I wrote Fuz regarding adding the Rare Parts website to the Technical Resource Library so we could easily find the information in the future. Here is what he had to say.

                        "Yes add it as I thought most knew about the site. They do wonderful work for old cars in general. The rear suspension parts can be bought as a whole set or a couple of the bushing areas can be bought as sets of 4 or 2."

                        I have added this information under "Suspension" in the TRL.
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                          Supply and demand. It's a 1 year only design so demand is low and it seems that they are the only supplier, so supply it tight. Both will drive up the price.
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                            One of our members (Travlin) has these pics of the rear end kit on his page.


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                              I wonder what happends to Travlin...
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