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vent window weatherstriping

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  • vent window weatherstriping

    some of the vent window weather stripping in riveted in can it just be glued?

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    I dont see why not; but I recall them fitting pretty dang tight as it is. I did not use any glue anywhere on my vent windows.

    I think the vent window "tips" had a rivet on each one. I know I used them....if they came in the little zip-lock bags with the tips....then I used 'em.

    Jeez, I re-did all my windows two winters ago, and already I'm forgeting some of the finer points.


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      I remember the first set I got didn't have the metal strip or rivets. It just pushed into place and seemed to stay fine. I don't remember using glue.
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        I think I had to buy a few "blind rivets" at the hardware store (not pop-rivets) when I did my vent windows and replaced the side glass channels.

        It was pretty tedious work; but it ended well.


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          I just did the vent windows on my '61 F100 yesterday and didn't use any glue and it didn't appear to have any originally. It was a bear getting it all seated properly in the channel, but once installed it isn't going anywhere.

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