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Cruise-o-matic lost reverse questions

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  • Cruise-o-matic lost reverse questions

    My 58 with a cruse-o-matic just lost reverse after backing into the driveway. I've been driving with no problems all day when I went to put it away at night it had no reverse, but forward works fine. I got under it the other day to check the and adjust of the rear band. But when I tried to tighten it, then loosen it 1-1/2 turns it will not get tight, it will keep turning in. I even removed the lock nut and it still goes in. Does this mean the band broke inside? It does not make any noises or grinding. What do you guys think fluid is fine and gave no signs of going out.

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    The cruise-o-matic has evolved a little over the years, mine is a little different from yours but I'm sure the hard parts work the same. The rear band is part of the reverse operation, so you're on to the problem. The band can be broken and I seem to remember the anchor for the band being a known failure. Dropping the pan should tell the tale, good luck, Bob C


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      When mine did that (years ago) it was a cracked case (Not
      to scare you)

      With a cruise-o-anchor, never ever back up and put
      it in drive while you're still rolling backwards.
      John Byers
      1960 Convertible (Orig owner)


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        it happened to me in 94 and rear ban was broken
        " go for your dreams "
        Yves as Elvissigpic