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  • Horn Ring

    I know the assembly of the horn ring to the steering wheel has been covered a bunch of times. But I think this is actually a new question.

    Should the horn ring and retainer move freely up and down when mounted to the steering wheel?

    When I press on the ring my spring inside the retainer on the top of the steering wheel does not compress. The horn ring just flexes or bends slightly. I'm wondering if the retainer that I have is from a vehicle that is not a Thunderbird.

    My car had a steering wheel from another model/year in it when I purchased it. So I've never seen the right wheel assembly.

    Does anyone know where I can get part #'s 3660 & 3629. [I'm using the Thunderbird Headquarters assembly drawing as a reference]
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    Horn Ring

    One of the best persons to answer that question might be Carl ~ partsetal. He also probably has the right parts from one of his parts cars. Send him a Private Message (PM) and ask him to view your post and ask him if he has those parts.

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      This is frustrating. I purchased another horn assembly (minus the horn ring) and found that mine was exactly the same. So I believe I am working with the right parts.

      After reassembly I was pushing on the horn ring at various points - and the horn ring broke where the spokes connect to the flat plate. @#$%!

      I am only getting about 1/16" of movement in the base triangular plate. Most of the motion comes from the flex of the horn ring (which is now broken).

      Anyone who has their steering wheel off. I'd really like to know how much motion there should be in the contacting plate.




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        Hope these pictures help.
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          reply. I've got all the right parts in the right order. I guess I just expected more travel in the contacting ring.


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            are you having trouble with the horn ring contacting the spring on the left side (which complets the circuit which trips the relay to blow the horn) ?

            If so your steering column may need to be pulled out some to reduce the gap. They slip over time. People then lean on the poor horn ring more and the spokes get broken.

            Mine came with a broken ring. Had little luck getting it
            repaired, finally got a good one on Ebay.
            1958 Hardtop
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