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neutral safety switch, gear indicator light

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  • neutral safety switch, gear indicator light

    Help, my gear indicator light was not working so i switched some wires under the dash and have become a little lost

    Could some one please take a picture of the neutral safety switch, where the plug ends connect into the dual sockets

    And the gear indicator light lead should plug

    i am sure its simple color to color and end plug color the same

    but i am lost help please


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    These are the only 2 pics I have handy but if you need something else just let me know......
    The bottom of the screen is toward the front of the car.

    registry 5347


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      neutral safety switch, gear indicator light

      Tony, down under, thanks you for your help and said that it looks like he has it fixed now. He has not been able to test the rear lights yet because they are not yet hooked up. He sent me some good pics of the wiring and connections under there. He sent me some very big pictures, but I had to downsize them to upload them here. I tried to keep them as large as possible so you could see the color coded wiring well. Here they are.
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