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More Pics (from Sunny Calif)

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  • More Pics (from Sunny Calif)

    Actually, these were taken a few wks ago in the early evening (prob in the low 60's - I remember though, it was 70 that day *At the coast!!*
    A little unusual, but we'll take it.
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    John Byers
    1960 Convertible (Orig owner)

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    Nice car and nice family - look after all of them!

    (And I'm jealous of the car and the weather)
    A Thunderbirder from the Land of the Long White Cloud.


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      Nice vert ...

      Lucky kid, growing up with a cool car in the family. Are's where all pretty pedestrian. Mike


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        Lucky devil.

        I like where your side mirrors are mounted.

        Weatherman is calling for 14+ inches of snow starting this afternoon....and high winds. An actual "blizzard" is on tap.

        But then at least we dont have too many wild-fires, mud-slides, or earthquakes up here


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          Hey John,
          What a sweet ride!!!
          Richard D. Hord
          sigpic'60 Thunderbird "Christine"
          Registry #33436


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            Where did you get the top side mirrors and how are they mounted. I like them do they help seeing your rear end
            Bob M
            59 Bird
            72 Charger


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              Same comment here to John...Nice car, family and where did you score that mirror?
              "Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming: Wow - what a ride!"


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                I think I saw your car when I was going to college down in cali. Beautiful car!


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                  Mr Byers ragtop!

                  Wow, that is some ride!
                  I found a 60 with a spotlight parked on some land in northern NM out in the middle of nowhere about 2 weeks ago. I took a couple of pix cuz I thought the spotlight was unique. I'll put them on a new thread. I also got a picture of the VIN and id plate. I had to stop at the house/store and ask the guy for his contact info - he did say he would like to sell it.


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                    Thanks for all the compliments !!!

                    In answer to questions etc;

                    Mirr's were on ebay. I just att them to the wings in the wing wdo's. They have set screws. No drilling.
                    I really just did it to have a mirr on the rh side, but it doesn't really work. The angle is wrong and you can only see the lwr 1/2. Actually, I just removed them. The spot light came on the car. Installed by Byers Mtr Co (Gilroy Calif)

                    Traxxas, where did you go to college?
                    This car's been in San Jose since day one.

                    It IS cool for a kid. Justin isn't a car or motorcycle guy (yet)
                    But as you guys remember, I grew up with this car too. I can still remember my dad taking us everywhere. Disneyland twice, Lake Tahoe a dozen times, plus hauling my Scout troop, and it was his every day work car for 30 yrs. Probl why it has 300K miles.

                    I've posted it before, but the att pic is me & my mom taken I'd guess around 1964?? So I was around 4 yrs old?

                    Thanks again for all the nice comments !!!
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                    John Byers
                    1960 Convertible (Orig owner)