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"Tweety Bird" Gets Disc Brakes & More

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    Just one more question on your brake lines. You said you left the back line in place. How did you hook it to the proportioning valve did you leave it in the junction block and block off where the front lines went in; or, did you run a direct extension line from the old back brake line to the prop valve?

    I now have all my parts and as soon as I get the car back from the engine swap I am planning on doing the disc brake change. So I am looking for what has worked for others rather than reinventing the wheel. Thanks for all your help.


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      "Tweety Bird" Gets Disc Brakes & More

      Hi Daniel, We did the latter. We screwed the back brake line into one end of a new female to female connector. Then screwed in about a 12-14" line on the other end of that female to female connector to the combination valve. I hope that is a better explanation than before.
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