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65 Galaxie Convertible

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  • 65 Galaxie Convertible

    Saw a '65 Galaxie conv. on a used car lot as I was returning home last night from a short trip - turns out it is only about 30 miles from the house so I plan on going back and looking again as I didn't have time to stop and it was 10:30pm. I'll try to get some info and pics but it's supposed to rain all week here so it may be the weekend before I get back.

    The price was $2800. Body looked straight but I couldn't tell about rust but didn't see any from the road (at least no big gaping holes). - Baby blue (whatever Fords name is) with a black top. Had a decent looking top.

    Anyone familiar with these cars and have any pointers about what to look for on these cars and if this is a fair price?

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    65 Galaxie Convertible

    Hey Eric! Maybe simplyconnected will be on shortly. Dave should know a fair amount about this Galaxie. He has a lot of experience with Big Fords and hopefully, he can give you some good information.

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      Of topic a bit but I had a '63 Galaxie rag-top here in NZ - it had the steering wheel on the right and different dash/instruments to US models.

      Speedo etc were from '59 Edsel, no bull!
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        I would like to see the pictures when you get them


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          Originally posted by DKheld View Post
          ...The price was $2800. Body looked straight but I couldn't tell about rust...
          The price is real low. There weren't too many convertibles or retractables made. To have one is very rare. Most of these cars (like so many others) rusted out and were crushed. You guys in the Southland enjoy much easier/shorter winters and you don't use salt to melt snow. Your cars last much longer than Northern cars (even in the Atlantic air of the Outer Banks).

          Your engines tend to be badly maintained for the above reasons. We are forced to change oil at least once in the Fall (before the cold) and again in the Spring (after the cold). Otherwise, plan on changing oil in the snow.

          So, look for rust under the front door pillars, in the front wheel wells (those cold air 'horns' just above the front tires are usually gone from rust), and along the rocker panels. I expect any fifty-yr-old car may need steel on the floor, especially where the toe boards meet the front pans.
          Check the frame for rust in those same areas.

          Basically, you need to get on the ground and look underneath.

          I also expect the engine is probably tired (for that price).

          But, hey! It's a '59 Sunliner! If you really love this car it's a steal at twice the price. - Dave
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            Galaxie pics

            Had some sinus surgery so haven't been able to get back to the car lot that has the Galaxie conv. for sale. Was coming back from an out of town trip today and stopped in (of course it was dark by the time I got there).

            The car definitely looks better from the road than close up - too much of a project for me right now but thought some of you guys or gals might be interested. Didn't raise the hood because no one was around to ask but took the liberty of an inside shot since the door was unlocked. One pic shows the rust in the drivers side rear lower fender and is typical of the rest of the car. Trunk lid has been replaced for some reason or is where they started the restoration because it is black primer, top is probably not worth saving (no rear window), my guess is the interior has been redone at some point, 352 Automatic, all the chrome will need replating but they have reduced the price to $2500 (and I bet they would take less). Says it runs but doesn't mention the top operation.

            Located in Alexis N.C. between Lincolnton and Charlotte on Hwy 27.

            Anyway - here are the pics.