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  • 58 Town Sedan?

    Guyís I could use some help identifying this car and any other information you might be able to give me on it (what options it appears to have etc). This belonged to my Dad and Mom in í60 just before they bought a new 1960 Tbird. I ran across a picture of it a few years back and have been trying to find a similar car for comparison but never have seen another one with the same side trim on a 4 door. Iíve been told it is a 58 Town Sedan but thatís about all I know.

    Thanks for the help,

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    Hey Eric,
    That is a 1958 Fairlane Town Victoria! Some of the options I found: Selectaire air conditioning, power brakes, town and country radio, loop pile carpet, fender skirts, power steering, 332/352 V8, Cruise-O-matic self shifting transmission or 3 speed manual. 5,868 produced!
    Hope that helps
    Richard D. Hord
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      I've seen 3 different side trims on the 1958 Ford cars, not including the no trim at all 'cheep-os'. The one you have pictured above is the least seen, at least by me, the spear down the side pointing to the front is the most common IMO. I guess Ford was trying to match the '58 T-Bird here & also with the tail light placement.

      Then there is the one similiar to the trim on the 1957 & 1959 Fairlane 500's & Galaxie 500's, it has the top chrome running the length of the car and that gold ribbed-anodize sweep down peice in the center...

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        For 1958, Ford confounded me (totally). They had a change in March which affected so many models. The confusing part is, the same body-code number didn't change, which meant the same car could look totally different for the same year, and the patent plate became much more important when ordering parts.

        The easiest way I can identify these models is by trim. If you would like to see the different models, CLICK HERE. I excluded Retractables, T-birds, Ranchero's, Sedan Delivery's and wagons, and still came up with eighteen different cars.

        DKheld, to answer your question directly, your Mom and Dad's car body matches a 1958 Fairlane Town Sedan (58A, built after March 03, 1958).

        Remember, Galaxie didn't debut until 1959. Your parents had a real nice car. I'd love to have one. BTW, Ford was installing 292 Y-Blocks in those cars, as well as FE engines. My '59 Galaxie came with a 292/3-speed stick on the column.

        - Dave
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          I appreciate all the info guys. Now I know what type of advertisements and dealer brochures to look for.

          Dave -didn't know about the mid year change in 58 (you think you were confounded) geez 18 different cars.

          "Your parents had a real nice car. I'd love to have one."
          You and me both. I think I still have a registration from this car with the vin #. I would love to track this car down and find it in restorable (or restored) shape.



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            Eric that would be fantastic to locate your parents original car. There have been many stories about our generation actually locating their parents same car by the VIN # and actually bringing it back to its original state. Good Luck
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              58 Town Sedan?

              Eric, start by contacting your local/state DMV department to find out how you track a VIN #. Cathie has posted some good information on how to do that. Hopefully, she will be back on here more now that she is feeling better. She has been sick the last number of days.

              Hopefully, your DMV department will be able to tell you if it is still in your state, and maybe who has it. They may be limited by law and not be able to tell you who the current owner is, if it still exists, though.

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