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Camshaft bolt and spring

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  • Camshaft bolt and spring

    What is the purpose of the spring over the cam bolt? Is the spring suppose to be positioned over the keeper or does that keeper actually hold the spring?

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    The purpose of the spring is to pre-load the cam so the front flange is against the block. Notice there is no thrust plate.

    Here are assembly instructions:
    Install the fuel pump eccentric and the camshaft sprocket cap screw and thrust button spring retainer. Tighten the sprocket cap screw to specifications. Install the camshaft thrust button spring and thrust plate button. Install the crankshaft front oil slinger.

    So, the bolt holds the eccentric and spring retainer. Then, the spring and button are installed.

    I'm not a big fan of this system. I like a simple thrust plate. Later FEs use the thrust plate and you can too IF you drill and tap two holes, buy a new cam (1963 and later) and thrust plate. The cam sprocket comes with a new roller chain set (1963 and later). - Dave
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      Ok I get it now. The motor has already been rebuilt so I probably won't be putting in a different cam anytime soon or drilling any holes. Of course one of the spring retainer tabs broke on me. Any idea where I can get a new one?