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Spare wheel removal

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  • Spare wheel removal

    On my 56, I still have not understood how to remove the spare from the continental kit.
    I assume it is bolted on the support but I have the chrome center on the wheel that I can not pray off the wheel because the surrounding is in the picture. Looks like this surrounding needs to go off first but how?
    We are going on a week-end with it in 2 days and need to be ready even though I put some magic in the tires so I am not supposed to get a flat tire.


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    56's were provided with a removal tool. Best advice for you is to carry a mini spare from a full sized Ford in your trunk and leave the continental spare in place.


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      I have to check in the trunk. I may have it...


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        Well no tool so far but a spare wheel. I did not realised until then that I had 2 spares ! 1 being in the trunk. Previous owner seems to have followed Joe's advise.
        I had the car for 1 year but only travelled locally and the trunk was still full of goodies until last week.

        As for the factory jack, I still have to take it off the trunk but even if I know how it works, I can not see where it has to be put under the car. Any drawing of that?
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          IMO these bumper jacks should be restored and left in the trunk. Carry a scissors or hyd bottle jack and several pieces of 2 X 4 for blocking, wheel chocks and even a jack stand to be safe. That said there SHOULD be a steel brace running parallel to the bumpers between the bumper mounting brackets that extends slightly below the bottom of the bumpers for the bumper jack to catch onto.