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1957 T Bird Hood gaps

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  • 1957 T Bird Hood gaps

    Can anyone tell me what the specs are for the hood gaps? Mainly front to back (near cowl). I believe mine are tight, and thinking this Bird was hit in the front nose. Thanks, Guys!

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    Fit and finish on all cars is best done by eye, not a specific measurement. The fenders and doors are adjustable because all sheet metal stampings are different sized. The metal thickness varies too.

    Gaps and seams need to be the same on opposite sides. Sometimes exact measurements look odd. The final fit should look pleasing. - Dave
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      Just went through a repaint with major body work. Trying to get the gaps to look decent gets to be a costly endeavor unless you are fortunate enough to be able to do your own body work. The welded on body panels make it next to impossible to get perfection. That being said the thickness of a paint stirring stick was used as a gauge on my car. It makes a nice gap if you are able to attain it.