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Y-Block Accessorys install for 56

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  • Y-Block Accessorys install for 56

    I'll machine a new power steering pulley next week to match the 20% over drive water pump pulley and re-shape the air cleaner base for fuel line.

    PS--Dave thanks for your help.

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    Beautiful work Charles. The detailing is superb.
    Being a '56 what's the catch not having the Porthole windows?

    Chris.....From OZ.


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      We bought this car from the original owners family, and have a picture of the car that was taken a few weeks after delivery and the top was Fiesta Red W/O portholes. Picture was black and white but the car was coded as Fiesta Red over white.
      The color over the years on this car changed almost 7 or 8 times the paint was about an 1/8 inch thick we thought it was Ford red it had been painted so often. It was metallic gray when we bought it, and the car was almost rust free only having a small rust area right in front of both the left and right quarter panels where the quarters meet the rocker panel. I think every time the lady that owned this car started thinking about a new car she would have this one painted.


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        Charles, I'm lickin my chops over this picture:

        I see power rack and pinion in the house. Sweet.
        No cylinders or control valves to leak, no pitman arm, idler arm or drag link. AND, there is a ton of room left for awesome headers on that 312. - Dave
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