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    Look what I pulled out of my Escort. All of a sudden it wouldn't come up to temp and the engine light stayed on. This is an OEM (that came on the car). Notice the two 'arms' are broken off, 'half in two' as they say at Ford.
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      OK, I will go at it again and try to solve this "simple" problem. Sorry about the Hijack.

      A buddy & I left early in the AM yesterday to attend a car show. It was about 47 degrees out. The coolant finally made it up to 140-150 degrees 10 miles down the road. The engine runs great, though I dont take the rpms over 2100 or so, which is around 55 mph.



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        An engine that doesn't get to operating temperature will have accelerated wear. Modern engines are running hotter than 180. 200 would be better for wear, but clearances have to be tightly controlled to run there and also use aluminum parts.

        I've noticed my 61 F100 has a tendency to run cool. But it is a 6 cylinder version of the 53 Ford tractor engine with a big radiator. Designed to idle all day in Texas summer heat on the farm.

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