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    We are considering wire wheels for the '57 and I've been searching around for them.

    It seems like Tru-Spoke is the only choice, I can't seem to get Dayton to respond to my requests.

    Are there other choices? Can anyone suggest a likely vendor?

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    I don't know who makes them, but a number of people I know bought them from Coker.
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      Here are some from a Retro Bird site:

      High $. I don't like the newer design Thunderbird as well as the old.

      I think those are Dayton. Maybe that guy can check for you. You can get them with or w/o the Tbird cap on the wires.

      You can get the wire hub caps that were an option in repop at CASCO and probably others. The hub caps are about 1/4 the cost of the real wires.

      I have the originals with the wire clips that holds on the wire piece. They are a real PITA. The repops are easier to get on and off.

      They are a PAIN to clean.
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        We are considering wire wheels for the '57 and I've been searching around for them.
        They are available from several sources including the Thunderbird parts suppliers and prices vary. Google will find them for you. The KH wires are (in my opinion) the most beautiful wire wheels made BUT they are a real PITA to keep clean. I have 3 sets - original, repo 52 and 56 spoke style - the repos look nice but are not as heavy as the originals. Many have experienced broken spokes on the cheaper versons, but the stainless spokes seem to hold up better than the chrome. No matter which style you get, remember you will have to use some sort of protection between the tubes and the nipples on the inside. These are beautiful wheels, but can be a bit annoying to deal with in the long haul.
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          I would agree with Joe that Kelsey Hayes are by far the most distinctive and the best. His reference to PITA is also very true, as once you get them you MUST protect your investment If you do, you will have many years of enjoyment with a quality product..
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            Pricey... but NICE.
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