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    Just a FYI from an email I get.
    You can go and subscribe if you like and request a catalog: (The email comes complete with pictures )

    They also have an archive of Technical Newsletters that have some good info that you can download in pdf. (link on the left on their site)

    Celebrating 43 years of service to the TBird Hobby!

    Welcome, Spring!! The flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping here in Coshocton. It has been so warm that the weather has allowed an early end to the hibernation of our convertibles!

    In this issue, we have a new part, our monthly specials, and a tech tip for those of you who enjoy working on your TBirds.

    As always, please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for our sales team. Thank you for choosing CASCO.

    Jim and Betsy Brown
    Co-owners Classic Auto Supply
    Contact CASCO
    Phone: 800/374-0914
    Fax: 800/513-5806
    parts - manufacturing - restorations
    CASCO New Part

    A customer called last month and really needed the high beam indicator lens for his '55 Bird. Our manufacturing department went to work and got it done for us!

    Now in stock, and ready to ship, is the 1955 & 56 Red High Beam Indicator Lens. Our part number is 17317A and sells for $9.97.

    Tech Tips

    PROBLEM: My engine starts but won't run
    If your 12 volt TBird starts okay, but then it dies as soon as you release the key from the start position, your problem is a defective coil resistor.
    If this happens, you can verify that the resistor is defective by removing the two wires from the resistor and shortening them together. The engine should then run. Be sure to replace the defective coil resistor ASAP or you will be putting too much voltage to the ignition circuit. Point life will be reduced and coil damage may occur when you run without the resistor.

    Door Lock Assembly Repair

    CASCO can rebuild your door lock assembly for about half the price of other providers. We rebuild these in our in-house manufacturing department, saving our customers money in the process. Just send your assembly to us with your payment info and shipping address and phone and we can turn it around in just a couple of days.
    Order numbers are:
    21812A ... 55 RH ... $32.00
    21813A ... 55 LH ... $32.00
    21812B ... 56/57 RH ... $32.00
    21813B ... 56/57 LH ... $32.00
    (Save 10%)

    Our original spark plug wire sets are the most.authentic wire sets available anywhere. They are complete with such details as the brown coil wire with proper part number stamp, tin coated copper stranded wire like the original, FoMoCo logo on the spark plug boots, the proper boots at the distributor & coil, and correct conduit. Comes with installation instructions.
    55-56-early 57 ... 12259A ... ON SALE $62.05
    Late 1957 ... 12259B ... ON SALE $62.05

    CASCO premium ignition wires, are an all radio resistance ignition wire set that uses all silicone rubber construction with a fine, wire wrapped, resistive mag-core. The benefits of this new wire include: better heat resistance up to about 500 degrees, superior resistance to petroleum products, better pliability in cold weather, lower incidence of harmonic vibration failure, designed and built to be compatible with hotter coils and computer ignition, and of course no radio interference. These wires are concours correct including the licensed FoMoCo logo on the boots and the brown coil wire.
    Includes instructions.
    55-56-early 57 ... 12259AP ... ON SALE $80.05
    Late 1957 ... 12259BP ... ON SALE $80.05

    To Order call 800-374-0914 or visit
    Jimz Greenie with a White Hat and Brown Guts (ZE-XG)

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    Good link, Jim. CASCO is a good vendor. Thanks for posting another valuable source as we can never have too many.
    Originally posted by Jimz Bird View Post
    ...A customer called last month and really needed the high beam indicator lens for his '55 Bird...
    This is a perfect application for a simple red LED. In fact, an LED needs to be tamed down quite a bit or that red 'light' will bug you to turn your upper beams off. (Maybe it's supposed to.)

    Regardless if you have a six or twelve volt system, the LED works fabulously for only a dollar and a resistor for about fifty cents. If you want, you can glue it in because the LED will never burn out. It's just a thing of beauty. - Dave
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