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    Picture size testing going on here. Top Picture is at 800x600. Second pic is at 750x563. Third picture is at 700x525. Last picture is at 640x480. (Actually it is 639x480). You get the best quality at 800x600, but it is wall to wall picture with scrolling back and forth on my monitor. The 2nd best quality is at 750x563, which is nearly as good as 800x600 and a little less wider. The 3rd best quality is at 700x525. Here you are starting to see more diffusion. The 4th best quality is at 640x480. Here you can see things are really starting to diffuse. I would suggest using either 750x563 or 700x525. I need to start using a smaller setting also. However, if you are looking for sharpness and quality of picture, 800x600 is the way to go, but no bigger. If you get it to big, you will have a file size larger than allowed and you will get an error in trying to upload it, IF you are a Paid Member and uploading to our server. If you are putting a link in to your photo hosting web page you should be okay as long as you keep the pix at 800x600 and less.

    I will probably leave this up for a few days and then delete it. That is a great picture of your Tbird, Bill and the "Eye Candy" is pretty also.
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