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10-17-2010, 02:07 PM
I have just received an email from John Rotella saying that now you can list your Tbird for sale on the Tbird Registry website! The details are below, but first I want to also tell you what John has posted regarding catching up the entries into the Tbird Registry database. Here is that first from his website.

The Thunderbird Registry is for all Thunderbirds - regardless of year, condition, location...and that includes those that exist only on paper or as part of another Thunderbird.
You may now list your Thunderbird as being "for sale". See the new tab on this page.
Except for "bulk" submissions by non-owners, the Registry has been fully updated as of Saturday, October 16 at 1530 EDT. This includes all new registrations as well as owner updates. If you have submitted information that does not yet appear, or you have not been notified pleasecontact the Registry (john@tbirdregistry.com?subject=Registry%20Update) . Several cars recently submitted had incomplete or incorrect information, and as a result are not yet part of the data base. A complete 10-, 11-, or 17-character VIN is necessary for a car to be included in the Registry.Bulk submissions or those sent by non-owners will be entered into the data base next. I apologize for the lengthy delay and I am doing my best to keep the Registry's information current and correct. Thanks for your patience.
The Thunderbird Registry database can serve as a source of information when you are trying to document the history of your car. If your car is ever stolen and it has been documented in the database, and it turns up for sale somewhere else, there is a chance you could get it back. Or if in the worst case, it is parted out, and a part with a VIN (such as a shock tower or engine block) is seen at a swap meet for sale, that could be a clue as to what happened to the car, and ultimately who did it.

Please review the Picture Submission Guide which can be found on the Resources tab.

Now this from his email.

"I have had many requests about offering a Thunderbird For Sale section, so I did just that today.
See the new tab on www.tbirdregistry.com (http://www.tbirdregistry.com/)

I cannot do this for free as there is considerable time involved in maintaining this page. So for a $10 donation to the site I will list the car as being "FOR SALE" and then forward contact information to the interested party. The car can remain listed FOR SALE for as long as the seller wishes. There is no charge to get contact information, if you are a buyer.

How it works: There is a donation button, which will take them to a page with the registration information, the same as what you would get if you register/update a car. I do not wish to become a medium for pictures etc., so I will hand off the interested party to the seller, with no further input.

I hope this will provide an additional resource for those interested in selling/buying a Thunderbird.

I am not trying to make profits, only support the software costs that are incurred on a regular subscription basis.
My goal is to help these cars find good owners and I think that using the Registry as a springboard will help validate that.

The Registry site does get a lot of hits, like a REAL lot, in fact that is what gave me so much trouble is that the data base basically collapsed from over-use. So I have limited the access, people are now unable to query dozens of pages at once (like before)

As of this moment the Registry is up-to-date, with the exception of about 20 cars submitted by non-owners.

Best Regards
John Rotella"
http://forum.love-fords.org (http://forum.love-fords.org/)

I would like to remind you that you can register your Tbird, or correct the information regarding it, directly from our Squarebirds Forum now. At the top of this Anything Goes Forum is a "Sticky" post I made with the announcement and the link to the Technical Resource Library which contains the link to the registration form. Check it out and register your Tbird if it is not registered, or update your information if needs be.

10-21-2010, 12:40 AM
I am glad to see that some of you are making use of John Rotella's Thunderbird Registry from the Squarebirds Forum's Technical Resource Library! I would encourage anyone who has not yet registered their Tbird to do so, AFTER reading the details about it here and in the Sticky post at the top. Those of you who would like to modify your content regarding your Tbird can do that also.