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tp tbird
09-27-2010, 03:33 PM
Is this a lincoln,mecury or tbird block #B9ME6016D some other numbers on the block are 96E and 4-96YH it has been a long time that I copied these down from a engine block so it could be off.The heads have on the right B9ME-6090-B with 9F@15 (with9F@15) and left B9ME-6090-B with 96@M ,intake B9ME-9425 ,exhaust left B96LE9431A and right B9ME9430A.I think I got them all right.I have looked around to see if I could fine out something and find it a little vague as I found B9S was a tbird casting number on engine parts and others places B9M would be a good casting number for a 430 tbird in the year 1959.