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Dan Leavens
05-11-2010, 09:12 PM
As many of you are aware Simplyconnected has agreed to take the position of Webmaster and we the administrators / moderators thank him, for taking this on. As Webmaster, he will be directly involved in site maintenance, spam,structural suggestions and the day to day operations of our squarebird.org site.In an attempt to channel your requests, suggestions and ideas, to our site, I would ask that you send Simplyconnected a pm e-mail, with your suggestion. In this way, he can receive your e-mail, review the situation and action the request to a resolution. He would keep in mind the integrity of our site and what affect if any, it would have on the overall functionality of it's operation. This is a very vital position for our international site which has grown tremendously in membership. I would also like to thank Yellowrose, for filling in at this position until a full time Webmaster was found. Thank you from your administrators / moderators.