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04-07-2010, 07:19 PM
Rock Auto is another auto parts store that we have become familiar with recently. They are located in Madison, Wisconsin. Rock Auto has a unique online catalog, which I have been exploring recently. They list a ton of parts for the 1958-1966 Tbirds. Their parts meet or exceed original manufacturers specifications. Here is their contact information.

service@rockauto.com (service@rockauto.com)
1-866-ROCKAUTO (762-5288)

(608) 661-1376

Office Hours (CST)
Mon - Thur 7 to 10 / Fri 7 to 9 / Sat-Sun 8 to 4


Rock Auto has been a member of this Forum since 2010. As such, they are one of a very few companies that give us a discount (5%) on orders. They post the current discount code in a separate post in this Forum. Look for Rock Auto Discount to get the current discount code. The present one expires on 8-10-15, but they should replace it with a new code in the next week or so.