View Full Version : Welcome, John Langford

04-12-2009, 11:01 AM
We have had several new members join us in the last few days, including john langford. He has said that he is looking for information on how to mount quarter panel ornaments. I asked him what Tbird he has but he has not answered that question. It is a '60 and he might be talking about those chrome blocks on the rear panel. They, initially, were put on with sheet metal screws. Then they changed to some type of clip arrangement. Maybe he will post something in the appropriate Forum for us to assist him.

In any case, welcome to him, and all the other new members who have joined us recently. I would suggest that when new members create their user id that they fill in the section of Location and also which Tbird they have. Although they are not a required entry, that is good information to know. That will assist us in helping them.