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tp tbird
02-17-2009, 05:53 PM
Does anyone know where I can get the rear base line tack strip for the 58,59,60 tbird convertible? What I would like to get is the metal one set with vinly inside,mine is toast. I asked a couple of places and they said that to use just the vinly strip. If I could find the metal one that is shaped like the back would be nice and make it easier I think then just vinly screwed on. I have been working on my 59 430 convertible bird for 2 years now and still need paint and the top put on. I have had a lot of trouble with the rear main oil leak on a new rebuild engine and transmission problems on a new rebuild,I think I about got them licked I hope.

Carl Heller
02-17-2009, 07:40 PM
I'm currently working at getting this metal clad tacking strip manufactured and should have the prototype sometime this week. The vinyl alone will work but would have to be fastened every three inches or less to prevent it from deforming. Send me a PM if you want to be notified when this project is complete.

tp tbird
02-18-2009, 12:23 PM
Thanks for the reply ,I am interested in it.I don't know what you ment by (PM) ? I would like to get something like I had on it.Need to see what you come up with when it gets made.

02-18-2009, 01:37 PM
Hi Thomas,

If you go to the post below that Carl Heller made about sending him a PM, you can send him a Private Message (PM) by clicking on his user id in the upper left side of his post. That should take you to several options, one of which is Send a PM. Click on it, and it will open up our Private Message function where you can write him a mesage, and when finished, down at the bottom you can Preview Post to make sure you have it the way you want it, or click on the Submit Reply button, as I am about to do, to send it. When he gets back on the system, he will get an indication that he has a PM or Private Message, and be able to read it and respond to it.

This is another way we have of communicating with each other in private, without having to make a public post. I hope this explains it well enough.:p

tp tbird
02-18-2009, 08:10 PM
Thanks for the inf.,guess I am not up on this stuff.