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11-12-2008, 06:11 PM
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Birders, Thought Iíd report to all recent developments and post a pic of door panels to my fototime pic site. First of all; ironically today while digging thru a tool cabinet of misc stuff I found the staples I had used 8 years ago to staple my skirt seals on. They are Master Mechanic (True Value brand I think) 9/16Ē Heavy Duty Staples. They measure a 3/8Ē crown and have on the box No. 4 Narrow Crown, 55916MM, 659-535. They are heavy duty enuff to use a pliers on in order to push thru the staple holes in the metal and crimp down in back of the skirt flare edge. I do recall clamping the rubber seals onto the skirt first and pre-drilling thru the rubber seal material at all of the existing staple holes so that the staples would easily just insert thru. The box has 1250 staples in it and I used about 3 dozen.

Next, I have just recently learned that steering wheel spoke spears are now commercially available on the aftermarket as reproduction spears. Carl wrote me and told me the quality is good. I think he mentioned the set of 3 was $40. I wish I would have known that before I had sent off Andersís set to the platers for re-plating. Papago Plating has now completed them and they are being shipped back to me. We could have saved about $15 or more on the repro spears. Oh well.

Also Bob had mentioned door panels the other day on I think squarebirds@yahoo, as he needs a new set. They are available aftermarket and are quite spendy. Back some 15 years ago I needed a set for my 58 and donít think that aftermarkets were then available. So I made my own new set with surprisingly great results. I shall post a picture on my fototime page of the door panel process. The pic is actually a series of pics showing the steps I took to reproduce the panels. The link and url address to the fototime page is http://www.fototime.com/inv/57F8EACECABB57D (http://www.fototime.com/inv/57F8EACECABB57D)

Lastly, as you may know I have been trying to sell my 58ht for quite sometime now as I knew that my bankruptcy would take her away from me. I had her listed for $25K, then $22.5, then $17.5, then $15 and finally $14. NOT one single bite in 6 months with only about 3 little nibbles. NADAvalues.com shows the high value at $34.3K, the average at $21.8 and the low at $11.8. Yesterday my BK atty asked how much I had invested into the car and itís restoration. I told him I have an excel spreadsheet and all receipts of $11,000. He said ďdonít worry your BK wonít have any impact on your car.Ē So thatís good news as now I am not forced to sell the car or have it taken from me any longer. Thusly my price just went back up to $25,000. Guess I donít have to worry about selling my Bird any more! I also added some pics of my 58 to the fototime pic page.

Best Birding.
Jed Zimmerman
58ht NOT4sale in MN

11-12-2008, 06:40 PM
Great news on your car Jed, at last something to smile about.

11-12-2008, 08:07 PM
Great news Jed.

Thanks for the info on the staples too.