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05-31-2008, 11:17 AM
I don't drive my '60 T-bird much and the top most seal ALWAYS cracks & goes bad warranting me to buy a whole new fuel pump. I laid my screw drive over the bad cracked seal (top left in 2nd pic below). After exhausting all my local sources here for a new 430cid fuel pump, I broke down and ordered 1 from T-Bird H.Q. It is Airtex PN# 6848, which I should have been able to obtain here locally if I had this PN# to cross reference. This tells me this Airtex fuel pump fits something else, maybe a Criss-Craft marine use 430cid?? This is a pic of the new fuel pump box & PN#:


And here is the problem. The inlet boss is in the correct location, however, now we are required to retrofit our fuel lines to the "new" outlet boss. You can see in the middle of the below picture, the left original housing has the inlet line boss (top of housing in pic) and the outlet boss just over 90 degrees to the left of housing. The new design fuel pump middle housing (right half of pic) has the these 2 bosses nearly side by side!!


To fix my problem with the new pump, I simply switched the middle fuel pump housing out (to retain my OE fuel outlet location). I hope the pic above helps to explain the differences. My original fuel pump parts are in the left half of the picture & the new "incorrect" parts are in the right side of the picture. I was already 1/2 way through swapping this middle housing out, when I realized I should share this with you 430cid guys. :rolleyes: The 2 chamber valves inside the main housing were 180 degrees off (see middle of picture) and the top cap & gasket was also rotated 180 degrees compare to my original. I don't for see any problems in running my pump this way, and I will add an update if something does go afoul... :D

05-31-2008, 02:49 PM

That will work fine. I had to do something similar converting a Lincoln 430 fuel pump to the Ford 430 pump so that the outlets would be the same.

From now on, if you need rebuild parts, go here:

They are "Then and Now Automotive". The entire rebuild kit for the 430 single action pump is $29.95. That includes everything in the pump. They might also sell the top gasket separately from the kit -- I don't know. If you find out let me know.

This is a GREAT site on rebuilding that pump, with photos. http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?p=999&gid=15567260&uid=682436

One of the most important things to do before joining the two top halves is to lay 400 grit paper on a flat surface, and lap the top and bottom untill you see them flush. Otherwise, the rubber gasket may leak because the surfaces are not flat. See rebuild photos.