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01-19-2007, 01:46 AM
I also posted this on the MEL site, but.. I have a 430 that was in my thunderbird but not orginal to the car...that doesn't matter at this point. When I bought it all, the engine was out but had been "rebuilt" I didn't have reciepts or anything, but the block was clean and you could tell it had been gone through. The guy I bought the bird from found and mailed me the Machine Shop reciepts and the reciept for the engine rebuild kit from Kanter today. Finally to my question..it was rebuilt in April of 1999. It had new valve seats put in on the exhaust side and one seat on the intake. However, it didn't specify if the seats were hardened or not. I have to assume in 99 they would only put hardened seats in? Its interesting, they also put 4 sleeves in. I have had the engine at a shop to look at it for 2 months and he hasn't touched it yet, I was planning on him checking the heads, but is there any need to? I was told I should re-ring it, what are your thoughts? Thanks much

01-19-2007, 03:13 AM
For unleaded gas you only need hardened valves. It was previoulsy thought you need bothe hardedned valves and seats. If the heads were done in the 1990's I would think it got hardened valves.

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